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Scholarship Websites

Scholarship Search Sites

Official website of the SAT test, timed practice tests, college and scholarship information

Official website of the ACT test, test prep, college and scholarship information

Bright Futures Scholarship

The official college website for the state of Florida, also high school and career planning


Other Scholarships


Summer Programs


Financial Aid
College Web Sites


Online Applications
Career Information

www.mymajors.com Need help finding a major

www.flchoices.orgFlorida career information

www.bls.gov/ocoOccupational Outlook Handbook – Information on hundreds of different types of jobs

www.jobsmart.orgInformation about planning your career


College Planning

Assistance in choosing a college in the area of your interest, location, area of difficulty, etc.

Test Preparation
SAT/ACT Information
Athletic Information
Military Websites
Community Service
Private Scholarships