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AP Capstone Program

The AP Capstone program is an innovative diploma program developed by CollegeBoard. This college-level program “immerses high school students in the challenging practice of the critical skills students need today The ability to think independently, write effectively, research, collaborate, and learn across disciplines is essential for success in college and in life.” (From the AP Capstone Implementation Guide)
The AP Capstone Diploma will be awarded to students who complete the following requirements:
  • Passing Score in AP Seminar (Year 1 Requirement)
  • Passing Score in AP Research (Year 2 Requirement)
  • Passing Score in FOUR other AP Courses (Total in all 4 years of high school)
Benefits of AP Capstone (From the AP Capstone Implementation Guide)
  • Fosters the research, argumentation and communication skills that are at the core of college readiness and essential for lifelong learning.
  • Provides a setting to build the knowledge and rigorous course work of AP in an interdisciplinary format.
  • Offers students a unique opportunity to distinguish themselves to colleges and universities by choosing to challenge themselves with this program, and by showing their passion and interest in specific topics.
  • Transforms students into independent thinkers; they gain self-confidence as they find their voice and pursue their passions and are more prepared to face academic challenges ahead.