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Southwest Miami High School has a mandatory school uniform policy.


Shirts (Boys & Girls)

“Polo” style shirts that are black, purple or white. Undershirts that are worn must be white or black.

Pants (Boys & Girls)

Black or Khaki in an appropriate style.  Jeans, spandex, sweat pants, or yoga pants are not permitted. Pants must be worn appropriately at the waist.  The “dropping” of pants is not permitted.

Skirts/Skorts/Capris/ Shorts (Boys & Girls)

No type of skirts, skorts, capris or shorts are permitted to be worn.

Shoes (Boys & Girls)

Closed shoes are mandatory. Slippers, bedroom shoes, crocs, and soft sole shoes are not permitted.

Jackets (Boys & Girls)

Students are not permitted to wear anything over their headJackets may not have hoodies.  Students are only permitted to wear Southwest jackets or jackets pertaining to the school colors that do not have hoodies.


Clothes must be in the correct size for the student and fit properly.  Visible under/outer garments must be in uniform colors. Belts are mandatory. Unless it is a pre-announced “dress down day,” jeans are not permitted.  Hats, caps, bandanas, and gang-affiliated clothing or accessories are not permitted. Book bags with gang-affiliated signs or general graffiti are not permitted. Periodic uniform sweeps will occur throughout the year.

School Uniform Retailers

Ibiley School Uniforms: 7934 SW 8 St., Miami, Florida • (305) 625-8050 • www.ibiley.com